Make Your Program a Financial Powerhouse

And Impact More Little Lives

  • Superglue kids to your programs and your gym.

    Give parents and kids a clear path to success and demonstrate growth every single week.

  • Set up sytems so you don't have to live at the gym.

    Learn how to create consistency in your coaches and your program so you never have another sleepless night.

  • Train coaches to bake retention into every class.

    Bake retention into every single class. Teach your coaches retention strategies they can hit every time.

Lesson Plans Are A Tactic, Not A Strategy

If you’re wondering why things aren’t getting easier, it’s because you’re putting band-aids on a bigger problem.

As the founder and creator of Happy Gymnastics, I’ve designed and sold lesson plans and online courses to hundreds of gyms around the world. I see it all the time...entire programs built entirely on great lesson plans with no strategy to support growth.

I bet you’ve implemented new ideas, gotten your team together to create killer new plans, or even bought some from HG—only to watch your growth curve sloooooowly level back out over time.

You know there’s something more to be done, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. I’ll be honest, I was the same. For years, I built my programs on the back of strong lesson plans, only to be frustrated with a lack of progress.

It wasn’t until I began working directly with gym owners and directors that I recognized the deeper problem: a lack of strategy. Everyone is winging it. Throwing stuff out there and hoping for the best. I know I was.

The answer to having a thriving program—full classes, well-trained coaches, consistent revenue growth, and a wait list—is the Preschool Powerup strategy and framework. Everything in Preschool Power Up comes from decades of experience. It’s worked in other gyms and it’s designed to work in yours too.

If you’re tired of “seeing what works” or guessing at how it grow your program, it's time to go deeper than great lesson plans.

It time to Power Up.

It’s time to do preschool gymnastics in a modern, systemized, creative way.

Preschool Powerup is for you if…

  • You are ready to join the next generation of preschool gymnastics

  • You don’t buy into the old school idea that you can’t share you ‘secrets’ because the gym down the street will use them to steal your kids

  • You want to impact as many little lives as possible

  • You’re ready for changes in your program (even if some of them are counter-intuitive!)

  • You’re pumped to try new things and make your program thrive

  • You LOVE preschool gym and want gymnasts to have an engaging, thoughtful and bananas-fun experience

  • You’re ready for your program to become a ‘destination preschool program’

Robin Lozier, Bounce Stapleton

I’m able to leave work every night loving my job.

Robin Lozier, Bounce Stapleton

“The gymnasts aren’t bored. The coaches are confident. The little things we changed turned out to be huge. People want to grow and improve. They're loving it because there's more consistency and accountability for them. Because of Sarah, we’re doing everything better than before. That's the goal, right?”

Transform & Level Up Your Preschool Gymnastics Program in just 5 Weeks!

Preschool Powerup is a Step-by-Step System That Makes Growth And Retention a Given

Impact more lives—including your own.

If you’ve had success with Happy Gymnastics lesson plans in the past, it’s because they’re designed differently than most. Sure, they’re built with strategic focus points and stories in mind, but the biggest reason they work in every gym is that they’re designed within a larger framework: The Low 4, High 5.

Preschool gymnastics attracts young, eager, but often inexperienced coaches. We can’t change this, but we can set them up to win.

Preschool Powerup—through the The Low 4, High 5 Framework™—creates a class system that supports coaches of all stripes and bakes in retention strategies that lead to growth.

It fills the holes in your preschool gymnastics program, scales it to the next level, and sets you apart from the gym down the street—all through the creation of intentional structures.

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